Konitsa and villages of the area known as “Mastorochoria”, are places full of memories and sites of unique natural beauty, waiting to be discovered!

The residents are well known stone craftsmen that ever since the 1920’s have travelled around the world, from the United States to Iran and Ethiopia, in order to construct bridges, churches, houses, mines that are still standing, witnessing their great ability as stone moulders.

We head off towards Konitsa, a small picturesque town which stands between the mountains of “Timfi” and “Smolikas” in an area where two major tributaries “Voidomatis” and “Sarantaporos” flow into the main river bed of “Aoos”. The mountain tops “Trapezitsa” and “Tomaros” peak high above the town of Konitsa. We shall visit the medieval castle with a great view at the slopes of “Timfi” and the plain of “Aoos”.

Leaving Konitsa behind us, we drive to the most representative of the “Mastorochoria”,  “Pirsogianni” and “Vurbiani”, so as to be introduced to the art of the local craftsmen.
After having walked through the narrow roads of these two traditional settlements, we head to “Chionades” and “Amarantos”. The village of Chionades is famous for the icon painters that hail from there and have created icons and frescoes in churches all over the Balkan Peninsula and Russia in previous centuries. Our last stop is in “Amarantos”, a village well known for its thermal steam baths.

Duration: 7 hrs


  • English-speaking Trekking Hellas guide
  • Mini van
  • Picnic
  • Liability insurance


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