3 Nights / 4 Days Tour


3 Nights / 4 Days Tour

-The Experience in a nutshell-

Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a casual nature walker, in Zagori you will find countless trails to walk,
from 45 minute long walks through brook valleys to 8 hour long hikes up the mountains to the alpine lakes. The
European Long Distance Path E6 crosses through Epirus, going from west to east. Numerous local and traditional
paths, used by the people of Zagori for centuries, are waiting to show you to all the magic it holds: Shady evergreen
forests and rich deciduous ones; mellow meadows in full spring bloom; canyons and ridges; adventurous
trails and old traditional intravillage paths; rare, indigenous flora and rich fauna;


- Day 1 -

Arrival at Aristi Mountain Resort, Zagori

Upon arrival at the hotel you will be greeted by our friendly staff and enjoy
a welcome drink. The location is ideal to relax and catch your breath after
a long day’s trip. You may also enjoy the use of the hotel spa and finally
dine at our restaurant

Meals: Dinner at Hotel’s awarded “Salvia” Restaurant
Included activities: Enjoy your afternoon at leisure and discover the
beauties of Aristi Village
Optional activities: Spa Therapies / Small walks around the village


- Day 2 -

Trekking in Vikos Gorge
difficulty level medium / duration 6 hours

After early breakfast at Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, we drive in Monodendri
where we start our 6 hours trek through Vikos Gorge, which is also
the deepest canyon in the world. Along the way, your guide will talk to
you about the flora and fauna of the area as only in 2016 Vikos Gorge
and its surrounding North Pindos National park have been nominated
by UNESCO as a word heritage location. Along the way will enjoy lunch
(pic nic style) next to the river. Upon reaching Vikos village a van will drive
us back to the hotel.
After a long day walk, indulge yourself with a relaxing 30min. foot massage.
For the evening we will enjoy a wonderfull dinner at at Hotel's awarded "Salvia" Restaurant.

Meals: Lunch pic nic style or Dinner at Hotel’s awarded “Salvia” Restaurant 
Included activities: Trekking Vikos Gorge, 30 minute foot massage
Optional activities: Spa Therapies


- Day 3 -

Trekking at Vradeto ladder
difficulty level medium / duration 4 hours

After breakfast at the hotel, we drive to Vradeto, the village with the highest
altitude in Zagori, in order to visit Beloi the most famous view point
into the gorge. Along the way we will have the opportunity to see and walk
most of the famous arched bridges of Zagori.
The trek from Vradeto to Beloi is only 20-30 minutes either way and it will
be our warm up to the next short trek which is part of the ladder of Vradeto.
A ladder curved of the face of the rock that used to be the only way
of communication between Vradeto and the other villages for centuries.
At the end of our trek light pick nick will be organized. After lunch the van
will drive us back to the hotel.
The rest of the day is free so you can relax and explore Aristi.

Meals: Lunch or Dinner at Hotel’s awarded “Salvia” Restaurant 
Included activities: Short Trekking at Vradeto Ladder (difficulty medium)
Optional activities: Spa Therapies, Wine Tasting, Degustation Dinner



- Day 4 -

Zagori to Airport

After breakfast and before you reach the airport, take advantage of your 2-hour free time to explore the city center of Ioannina.

Meals: No meals Included
Optional activities: Walk around Ioannina city center and lake on your own.

TREKKING /ADVENTURE package             335 €/ per person*

Book your package online after the selection of your preferred room 

*Minimum 2 persons required. For groups of 4 or more please contact us. 


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