Immense rocks emerge from the flat surface, in one of the most sacred spots in Greece.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience, from Aristi Mountain Resort + Villas to the tops of Meteora through a magical journey into the heart of nature!

An organized daily experience that will fill your mind and soul with memories of a lifetime! A wonderful trip to the highlands of Greece, where you will have the chance to enjoy, admire and learn the history of the Meteora monasteries, nested into the towering cliffs since the 11th century!

Leaving the beautiful village of Aristi behind, you reach a cluster of imposing rocks in Thessaly, with an average altitude of 313 meters, rising above the flat valley north of the town of Kalambaka, between Pindos and Antichasia. Meteora, the second most important monastic complex in Greece (with six restored, active monasteries) is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and amazes every visitor! The towering rocks of Meteora, apart from the "house" of monks since the 11th century, are also a dream destination for rock climbers, who travel from all around the world to experience this divine beauty!

The adventure starts at the hotel, where you will meet your driver, who will also be your experienced guide and will accompany you during the whole journey. In addition to enjoying the majestic nature of the Greek hillsides, the driver will take care of the complete tour, which will be your vehicle into the secrets of the region of Zagori, Ioannina and Meteora. Your arrival at Meteora will be followed by some free time, during which you can explore the area, visit the monasteries and enjoy the view!

Travel through time and get lost in the history of a sacred place!


Back to the hotel

Late in the afternoon you will drive back to Aristi Mountain Resort + Villas, where you can enjoy our SPA facilities and relax in the indoor heated pool with the magnificent view! Relax in the hot tub, sauna and steam bath or enjoy a massage by a professional... In the evening you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or drink in the hotel's lovely lounge or explore the mind-blowing dishes of Salvia Restaurant.

Excursion duration: morning till afternoon, with the ability to tailor the program based on the participants' needs and wishes

Participation:  2 - 6 people

Option of prepared lunch box by us, at extra charge

For more information, please contact: info@aristi.eu.

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