Choose between two routes in Greece and Albania

Rafting in Aoos, in Bourazani, Greece

The meeting point is at Bourazani Konitsa which is located about half an hour away from Aristi, at 11 am.

After receiving the appropriate equipment, you will head to the starting point. There, our experts will provide you safety instructions and the descent will begin. 

The route distance is 6 km and takes about one and a half hours to complete. During the descent you will stop at a special spot in which is ideal for diving.

A mini bus will take you back to the base once you have finished the journey.

Rafting in the river Aoos, in Albania

The journey will start by meeting at 11 am at Bourazani Konitsa, which is located about half an hour away from Aristi and two kilometers from Albanian borders. There, once you equip the appropriate suits you will jump on the minibus and head to Mertziani’s customs for identity check.

Once the checking is completed, you will follow a wonderful route during which you will walk over old suspension bridges and through impressive passes. The trail is located between the Greek Gamila and Astraka mountains and the Albanian Nemertsika and leads to the point where Aoos and Sarantaporos river meet. The route covers a distance of 8 km and takes about 2 hours to complete, while the tour lasts about 4 hours in total.

The mini bus will be waiting you at Tsartsova village, in Albania. After enjoying a coffee at the local café, you will head to the starting point in Greece. The descent can be done either on a large rafting boat or on single or two-seater kayak for more fun.

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