In the beautiful village of Aristi I found my refuge and immediately felt that I wanted to share it with others. My aim was to convert this place into a destination for all those who desire to visit a place that is so original, rich and truly unique!
In 1999, after repeatedly visiting the region and hiking its countless beautiful trails, I searched for the perfect place, that would be "my village" in Zagori. And that village was Aristi.
The place where I chose to build my house, had a breathtaking view of Vikos Gorges's eastern wall and the Mt. Astraka scenery. At that time there was only one guest house in the whole village. I felt the beauty of this place needed to be shared, and for this reason I took the decision to build a hotel, so people can come and enjoy the same views and landscape that I was so fortunate to have encountered.
The nearly three year long process of designing and constructing the resort, was maybe the most productive period of my life. This was achieved together with my good friend and architect Thomas Tsatsopoulos. It was like we were starting our professional life from the beginning. Although on our fifties, we were feeling like young professionals taking on their first project. Almost everything was a new experience: the materials, the construction rules, even the communication with the workers.

Before the construction was complete, I was already visualizing the future guests of the hotel: people from all over the world who would visit the place, discover and explore it, while experiencing the beautiful nature, climb up to the 2.500m of the Gamila summit as well as to numerous other peaks of the region, and experience true serenity. Visitors who would discover the clean flowing river of Voidomatis, with its monuments and picturesque trails and visit the numerous beautiful villages of the area. My most favorite ones are Dilofo, Kapesovo, Kato Pedina ,Koukouli and Dikorfo.
Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas was designed with the vision that it will accommodate every kind of visitor, from nature discoverers, to hiking lovers, to those who just want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Resort.
This place was made for anyone who wants to savor a complete well being experience that generously offers, for people who want to taste the local products of the area and its authentic traditional recipes, and for those who want to swim and rejuvenate their bodies in the heated pool at the end of the day or relax their mind sitting at the veranda, just staring at the magnificent Mt. Tymphe and Vikos wonders.


Vasilis Iosifidis
Owner Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas

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