Meet Zagori 



The first tour explores the unique villages and attractions of Western Zagori. The excur- sion begins with a visit to Mikro and Megalo Papigo. Following our visit to Papigo we trek from the bridge of Aristi to the Bridge of Kleidonia. This is an easy trek along to Voidomatis River with duration of approximately 3 hours. Our tour includes picnic lunch. The tour ends with a visit to Vikos village with extraordinary views of Vikos gorge.

Walking & Rafting

This trekking tour is perfect for all of those who prefer some action experience during their holidays. The walking tour starts from the Aristi Bridge and finishes up at the Bridge of Kleidonia.This is an easy walking trail next to Voidomatis duration approximately 3 hours. Lunch includes picnic. Rafting in Voidomatis River will take place in the afternoon.



This road trip brings out the beauty of Zagori through visits to five of the most attractive and worth visiting villages. During your drive you will be able to admire the arched stone bridges of the region and an amazing view over the Vikos gorge. The tour begins with a visit to Dilofo, Kipi and Koukouli. A picnic lunch is included. A visit to Vradeto village and a sort walk to Beloi view point follows, this point offers an excellent panorama to Vikos Gorge. The road trip concludes with a visit to the village of Kapesovo.

East Zagori Tour

A different road trip, focusing on East Zagori. During your tour by car you will have the opportunity to admire the arched stone bridges, walk the elaborate stone path Vradetou Scala and a visit to the traditional village of Sarakatsanoi, a sample of a unique Sheep- fold, nomadic and mountain culture. The tour begins with a visit to the village of Kipi and the arched bridges of the area. We continue our tour to East Zagori, the village of Vradeto and visit the famous Vradeto Steps. This is an easy trek in the most impressive stone path in Zagoria, of duration of approximately 1.5 hours. The tour continues in Tsepelovo and Skamneli. The lunch includes picnic. Immediately after we visit Sarakatsaniki Sheepfold. The road trip concludes with a visit to the village Kapesovo.



This tour explores four of the most beautiful villages of Zagori as well as visits to the arched bridges, churches and some of the unique spots with an eye-catching view over the Vikos gorge. The excursion begins with a visit to Vitsa and Monodendri (short walk to the M. Ag. Paraskevi). Next a visit to Oxia viewpoint which offers a unique panorama to Vikos gorge, on the way we visit the Stone Forest. Picnic lunch is included. The tour ends with a visit to the arched stone bridges and the village of Kipi.

A visit to Glinavos Winery

scape to Zagori with a unique trip to Glinavos Estate in the wine zone of Zitsa. Enjoy some of the best greek wines while participating in an atmospheric tour through the history of winery, the wine-making process and in the Glinavos family wine philosophy. Debina, Malagouzia, Syrah and Cabernet, are just some of the varieties of the estate which we experience in the tasting hall, accompanied by traditional dishes. Tour also includes a visit to the vineyards, the winemaking spaces and also in the cool cellars.


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