Enjoy a thrilling hiking (tour) in Ovires Rogovou in Papigo, in Oxia lookout point, where Vikos gorge meets its summit, in Skala Vradetou, in Skamneli and visit some of the most well- known bridges in the area, such as the bridge of Kokorou, Kalogeriko, and Paliogefyro. You can also visit the monastery of Agia Paraskevi in Monodendri and the monastery Beloi in Vradeto. During the tour you will have a picnic and try rustic pie, chicken or cheese pie, seasonal fruits, and other sweets. The tour lasts for more than six hours and is carried out by our own vehicle and companied by our own guide.

Vikos Gorge

The suggested itinerary begins from the villages Monodendri and Koukouli and ends at Vikos. Vikos Gorge is a miracle of nature, a beauty that holds a world record: with walls that reach 900 meters high, it has been designated by Guinness book the deepest gorge in the world. However, this distinction is not the only reason to hike it; as you will be given the opportunity to admire the pristine and unadorned natural environment, which is offered as a refuge for many endangered species of the flora and fauna. The layers of the steep slopes reveal the geological history of Pindos Mountain. There are four points from which one can admire Vikos gorge in its entirety: one is in Vikos, where the walks start or finish. The second is located in Beloi in Vradeto, the village built at the highest point of Zagori and second starting point / ending of the hiking routes. The other two are located in Monodendri: the monastery of Agia Paraskevi, which is literally hanging from the cliffs above the canyon, with open balconies between buildings, and Oxia, where from you can admire the canyon as seen in photos. The duration is 7-8 hours. The hiking takes place throughout the year and has a low level of difficulty.


Hiking Drakolimni of Tymfi.

On the high mountains of Pindos, in Zagori, and the surrounding areas, alpine lakes adorn the barren landscape. The calm, dark and mysterious side induces awe. The eerie landscape of the alpine lakes of Pindos, popular both among climbers and locals shepherds, has spawned many legends. The most exciting of them is about dragons and it is the one behind the name of the lakes, which were possibly born in the form of alpine tritons. You can explore the Drakolimni with a day hike (start usually from Papigo and takes 8 hours in total), or to stay overnight in the shelter of Astraka to split the walk in two and have more time to enjoy the scenery and nature, there! Duration 8 hours. The route starts from the village of Mikro Papigo. After hiking for 3.30 hours we arrive at the shelter. After 1.30 extra hour we reach the 2.150 meters in Drakolimni. We make a stop for a picnic and then return by the same route.

National Park of Valia Calda

The tour of the largest national park in the country takes place from June to October. At first we cross central Zagori through Morfa and reach the village Vovousa from there Tiza, Valia Calda and then we reach the core of the park. There you get information about the flora and fauna as for the specificity of the region. Then we visit Arkoudomera at the springs of Aoos. We stop for a picnic and then we take the way back to lake Aoos. The artificial lake was created for electricity production needs at an altitude of 1300 meters. Late afternoon, we return to the hotel via Metsovo or from the back of Mitsikeli. The duration of the excursion is over eight hours.

Scala of Vradeto

Scala of Vradeto was built in the late 18th century to unite the village Vradeto to the rest of Zagori. It is the largest of the four staircases that have been preserved in central Zagori and was constructed using a method of dry stone processing.

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