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Oil massage
Experience the rejuvenating effects of our oil massage. The compressions are done along energy lines, a unique technique that works in combination with the circulatory & nervous system to enhance circulation and promote detoxification. Duration: 50’

Indulge in the gentle art of reflexology, a highly effective form of therapeutic foot massage. Considered a holistic healing technique, reflexology treats the individual as a whole, promoting balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Wholeness, in this context, encompasses the interconnectedness of our muscles, vessels, and neurons, with the aim of achieving equilibrium through relaxation. Professional reflexology massages identify areas of the body in need of attention, restoring balance and enhancing overall well-being. 
Duration: 30’ 

Aristi body scrub
Treat your skin to a luxurious experience with our Aristi Body Scrub, leaving your body feeling perfectly hydrated, smooth, and as soft as velvet. Crafted with natural ingredients such as brown sugar, honey, and almond oil, it's a delightful gift to yourself. 
Duration: 30’ 

Back and neck aroma massage
Unwind with a relaxing massage targeting the back, waist, neck, and limbs, infused with essential oils extracted from herbs and herbal infusions. This therapeutic massage enhances the nervous system, promoting relaxation and mental wellness. 
Duration: 30’ 

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of aromatherapy, harnessing the power of selected essential oils to promote beauty and well-being. A source of tranquility and enjoyment, aromatherapy offers daily luxury and relaxation, utilizing the healing properties of aromatic plant elements to benefit both body and spirit. 
Duration: 60’ 

Aristi Aroma massage

Revitalize your skin with an aromatic scrub made with brown sugar, honey, and almond, followed by a relaxing full-body massage using essential oils and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs. Tailored to individual needs, this massage promotes healing and rejuvenation. 
Duration: 70’ 

Balinese Massage 60 min
Experience the authentic, deep relaxation of a Balinese massage, influenced by Bali's rich tradition. Using essential oils and pressure techniques, this exotic massage improves circulation, alleviates muscle tension, and gives you a profound sense of well-being. 
Duration: 60’ 

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