Zitsa is the only appellation in the mountainous Epirus region in north-western Greece. It is the sole appellation in the country that deals and with sparkling white wines.


The continental climate and high altitude here mean that this is one of the coolest wine regions in Greece. The high acidity and delicate aromatics of the native Debina grape variety that dominates Zitsa's vineyards are well suited to the growing conditions and to sparkling winemaking.


Debina may be the only officially permitted grape in Zitsa, but it is not the only variety grown in the area. A traditional wine associated with Zitsa is a blended red made from Bekari and Vlachiko grapes, often produced in a sparkling rosé style. The two varieties are also often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce dry, full-bodied table wines.


Total duration of program: 5 hours


Starting from Aristi Mountain Resort, we will drive to Zitsa. Our first stop will be the oldest bakery in the village. There, we will have the opportunity to prepare and taste traditional pies.

After we will visit the Glinavos winery and we will be initiated into the world of wine. We will tour the vineyards of the estate and get to know the unique grape varieties. Our visit will be crowned with wine tasting at the winery.

Then, we will walk to the Monastery of Prophet Elias which was built in 1598. From the monastery, we will gaze at the view, as Lord Byron had done in 1809. Our tour in Zitsa will end with food and dishes of the area that we will taste in a small traditional farm near the village. 


Indicative timetable


09:30 Departure from the hotel

10:30 Meeting in Zitsa with our escort, welcome and short briefing

10:45 Visit and cooking lesson in the village bakery(max.6 pax at a time)

11:45 Completion of the cooking lesson and short  hike(about 15 ̓) for the Glinavos winery

12:10 Arrival at the winery, tour and wine tasting

13:10 Departure from the winery and hiking to the nearby Monastery of Prophet Elias

13:50 End of tour in the Monastery and small hiking (20 ̓) to the estate that will have pies and other local delicacies waiting for us for our lunch picnic

15.15 Transportation for return to the village, in our vehicle


* The picnic will include pies, salads, cheese or yogurt and bread

**The timetable may change depending on the point of receipt




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