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The stunning natural beauty of West Zagori can be best explored with our Landscape & Nature tour. This tour showcases the breathtaking landscapes of Vikos, home to the awe-inspiring Voidomatis River, and Papigo, celebrated for its picturesque scenery and traditional architecture.

large forest with river crossing it


Dive into the rich architectural heritage of Central Zagori on our Architecture tour. Explore the charming stone bridges near Kipi village and discover the well-preserved villages of Dilofo and Vitsa. Please note that certain elements of the tour may be subject to change based on weather conditions or seasonal variations.

Each tour spans five hours and includes transportation via van, departing from our hotel. Our expert photographer will guide you to carefully selected locations offering panoramic views and exceptional photographic opportunities. Engage in open discussions with the photographer, Kostas Zisis, who has been visually capturing the essence of Zagori for over 25 years.

An hour-long evening gathering at the hotel is also included to showcase and discuss the photographs taken during the tour. Benefit from valuable insights, tips, and advice on photography techniques and post-processing.

stoned old house


Kostas Zisis, a seasoned photographer and Zagori resident, who has been documenting the area with his lens for more than 25 years, leads our photographic tours to hidden gems and iconic landmarks, providing participants with unparalleled opportunities to capture the essence of this remarkable region.

More information:
You can visit photographer Costas Zissis website at

Maximum number of participants: 12
Each participant in the workshop can be accompanied by an additional person - a non-photographer, free of charge.
*Children's participation in the workshop is free of charge and no minimum number of participants is required.

stoned old house
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