June to September are the best months for this activity to take place but weather permitting this period can be extended from May to October.

Although it is only 30 minutes drive from the hotel, an  early morning start is necessary in order to be at our destination at the right time.

Our first stop is Riahovos lake, which is located between the villages of Riahovo and Kouklii. The lake which is surrounded by an oak forest of great natural beauty, offers rare view especially at the early morning light.  45 minutes on a dirt road in the forest is the time we need to walk around the lake. During season we will see many mushroom varieties that a specialized guide will introduce and explain to us.

Our second stop is Gormos River, a tributary of Kalama. In a majestic  landscape we will have the opportunity to walk in and along the cool and crystal clear running water of the river.  The landscape is beyond our highest expectations. This is one of the few remaining undiscovered and untouched spots, ideal for walking.  Appropriate shoes for walking in water are necessary.  At the end of our trek and if  weather conditions  permit it, we can enjoy a dip in the cool clear waters of the river. In any case the tour ends with a picnic by the river. 

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