Aristi Mountain Resort and Villas, in collaboration with ‘Ano Kato’ workshop, located in the beautiful village of Elati, invites you to discover and follow the sheep wool journey from past to present.

The ‘Ano Kato’ workshop takes you on a tour of the art of wool processing and the ancient felt technique.

There are two available seminars for both young and old.

During the first seminar, we wash the sheep wool, we dry it and lay it down. The participants have then the chance to watch a professional demonstration of the techniques of creating handmade fabrics, such as knitting and weaving on the traditional loom. Finally, we create a jewel with the felt technique, for which tools are not necessary!

During the second seminar the ancient Greek felt technique will be presented. Different qualities of sheep wool and a variety of colors will be combined, and by using natural soap and water, participants will create a unique handmade woolen fabric!

Seminar duration: 2 to 3 hours

Minimum number of participants: 1

Maximum number of participants: 12

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